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Every Spring Term ACT II runs London's largest young people's theatre festival, ACT II Festival. Each year we invite over 70 young people to come together to create 12 short-plays that are performed across two days at The Space. Those that are selected to take part in ACT II Festival have access to mentorship, ACT II Skills Workshops, and industry-led workshops. They are invited to develop their theatre-making skills and work with young people who they wouldn't have met outside of ACT II. Every ACT II Festival participant has feedback on their final performances and becomes a part of the ACT II network with access to news, opportunities, and invitations.

Notable ACT II Festival alumni include Rhianna Ilube (playwright), Tatenda Shamiso (Vaults 2023 Show of The Week Winner and A Streetcar Named Desire Assistant Director), and Joey Jepps (current Production Coordinator on Guys And Dolls, Bridge Theatre) .


Previous shows include:


"Strangers", by Nell Rayner (Lion and Unicorn Theatre), "Woman. Life. Freedom" by Tarah Inam-McDermott (OFFIE nominated), "While The World Goes Under", by Rosie Pierce (Guildford Fringe), "Winkers", by Keir Gilbert-Halladey (OFFIE nominated), "Dreamliner" by Domonic Hughes (White Bear Theatre and Edinburgh Fringe), and "Fishcat" by Elan Butler (The Hope Theatre, Vivacity Fest, and Nottingham Playhouse.) 

Audience Applauding

Audience Members, 2022

“Such a fun show to watch, all the
performances were amazing!”
“A great space, beautiful place”
“I think it's such a wonderful initiative. And I’m a playwright, so when I was starting out... I would have loved to have an opportunity like this...and I love the space, I think it's really cool”

Take Part



12 young writers, ages 18-26 are selected to take part in ACT II Festival each year. To apply as a writer you do not need to have previous experience or a fully written script - that's something that ACT II help you with! All you need is a passion for fringe theatre and an initial idea for a 20-minute scripted play. You must be available for regular events, workshops, and rehearsals in London from January - April. The writers that take part in ACT II Festival play an active role in what their play looks like from page to stage, working collaboratively with the young director that they are partnered with. The selected  Writers will be paired up with a young director that ACT II believes will both suit and challenge both the Writers & Directors. Through ACT II Festival we hope to help you establish creative collaborations that go beyond the festival.



12 young theatre directors, ages 18-26 are selected each academic year. To apply as a director you some understanding of what it takes to put on a show from page to stage and a willingness to work collaboratively with your writer. For those looking to gain more experience as a director before they apply for ACT II Festival we strongly recommend you take part in one of our ACT II Creates courses in Autumn. The selected  Directors will be paired up with creative idea and young writer that ACT II believes will both suit and challenge both the Writers & Directors. Through ACT II Festival we hope to help you establish creative collaborations that go beyond the festival. You do not have to be a student but you must be available to attend regular events, workshops, and rehearsals in London from January - April.



To take part in ACT II Festival, young actors, ages 18 - 26 will be invited to send in self-tapes for any ACT II Festival plays that they hope to be part of. You can audition for as many of the programmed plays as you choose and do not have to be a student to audition. Actors are cast by our young writers and directors. If selected to take part in ACT II Festival you must be available for regular events, workshops, and rehearsals in London across February - April.



Each year ACT II Festival is organised, developed, and created by a group of student volunteers. These Festival Leaders develop their creative leadership, producing, marketing, people-management, event management, and fundraising skills as they tackle every element of ACT II Festival. The Festival Leaders help ACT II Artistic Director through every decision of the festival and really have a chance to make ACT II Festival represent the values that they are most passionate about. The Festival Leaders are the participants go to people for pastoral and creative support throughout their time in ACT II Festival as the Festival Leaders act as mentors, producers, and dramaturgs. This is an extremely unique opportunity to really get to know what it takes to run London's largest young people's theatre program to gain valuable skills to help you find future employment in creative leadership roles.



To help the smooth running of ACT II Festival, each year we are looking for a small group of young volunteers to be part of the Festival production team. This is a great opportunity for you to develop your lighting & sound design, stage management, costume, design, and back-stage experiences. You will have the opportunity to work directly with the venue and the 70 young people that are taking part in the festival. Those that are part of the production team for ACT II Festival will also have access to mentorship, workshops, and the wider ACT II community of industry professionals and emerging, young theatre makers. Those taking part in ACT II's production team need some previous experience of working backstage on fringe or student theatre but this  may will be the first time that they have taken part in a theatre festival of this magnitude.



For the first year ever, ACT II Festival 2023 is inviting emerging reviewers to come to ACT II Festival and let us know what you think of all the plays that we have to offer. Your review will then be published on our website. This is a great opportunity for you to kick-start your reviewing practice, which lots of professional theatre-makers use as ways to develop an income, widen your creative network, learn from other theatre-makers, and gain vital industry knowledge and access. The young reviewers of ACT II Festival do not any previous experience but will need to write one small review of a show they've seen recently and send it to us. The Young Reviewers that are invited to ACT II Festival will recieve a comp ticket.

ACT II Festival 2023

ACT II Festival 2023 was ACT II's biggest and most successful festival yet! With critical acclaim, numerous shows growing beyond the festival, and many creative companies being formed by the participants ACT II Festival 2023 was a vibe like no other. 

Festival Leaders: Caterina McNellis, Jodie Braddick, Gabriele Osella.

With Thanks To: National Youth Theatre, The Space, OPIA Collective, Flawbored, Rhianna Ilube, Itch&Scratch, Awkward Productions, The Cockpit, Fourth Monkey, Theatre Deli, Masterclass.

Production Team: Catherine Hervieu, (Production Leader), Peija Hu, Conor Costelloe, Tan Yin Qi, Nithiyasri Kasiviswanathan

IMG_4603 (1).JPG

Writers: Laure Bacchiocchi, Isaac Banjoko, Sunny Cheong, Younes Dine, Dhanush Giridhar, Santiago Guerra, T’arah McDermott, Reshmi Mohan, Chloe Moore, Rosie Pierce, Supravo Rahman, Nell Rayner


Directors: Maisie Allen, Anya Anderson Birch, Clara Janssen, Lenard Kelemen, Annalena Lipinski, Lucy Millett, Mya Onwugbonu, Jasmine Silk, Peter Smart, Sam Smith, Demir Timuray, Dominika Ucar


Actors: Alicia Fernandes, John Kanu, Jake Bickford, Bushra Baig, Jannat Simran, Lauren Owen , Olivia Steele, Brooke Agius, Ahmed Aamir, Simran Oodit, Tahsinah Akther, Misha Domadia, Eleanor Wingfield, Cameron Sinclair Harris, Aymeric Etogo, Yusuf Naya , Lilly Walker, Charlotte Diep, Felizia Liehmann, Zack Tindall, Caroline Letelier, Che stone edwards, Elly Wilson, Charlotte Kindred, Roxanne Delreux, Elena Lushaku, Meghan Mabli, Jenna Finnegan, Maria-Vittoria, Albertini Petroni, Eve Wilson, Leah Omonya, Madelyn Morgan, Louisa Naiyera, Caterina Siano, Andy MacKinnon, Tilly Woof, Benjamin Sumrie, Sonya Stonelake, Jemica Taylo, Cleo Donnais, Alysha Nelson, Joe Devitt, Thomas Lafferty, Rubayet Al Sharif, Courtney Macdonald

ACT II Festival 2022

After a cancellation in 2020 and an online program in 2021, 2022 was the first year ACT II took place in person!

Festival Leaders: Lola Blackman, Caterina McNellis, Gabriele Osella, Olga Lialina

With Thanks To: Amy Gwilliams, Ashley Scott-Layton, Bonnie Choy, Burnt Lemon, Cerys Baker (ACT II Alumna), Giorgia Valentino (National Youth Theatre), Grace Dougan (ACT II Alumna), Hannah Benson, Jasmine Little, Julia Smith & UCL Writers Society (ACT II Alumna), LegalAliens, Patrick Hughes, Paula Moehring (Natinal Youth Theatre), Rhianna Ilube (ACT II Alumna), Ruby Garland, Sheffield Theatre, TheSpace, The Wardrobe Ensemble, Tommi Bryson

Writers: Cristina Arama, Emma Michaelsen Aasland, Alex Blank, Dominic Conneely Hughes, Keir Gilbert-Halladey, Hannah Gregory, Tom Higgins, Luna Laurenti, Tom Milson, Bridget Odette, Linda Wachaga

Directors: Adwitha Arumugam, Jodie Braddick, DArcy Brown, Jade Dharma Roberts, Catherine Hervieu, Lara Kern, Daniela Lucinda Roberts Santos, Holly Stevens, Millie Whittam


Actors: Adi Bhattacharya, Alexandra Teixido Blouna, Amira Shehata, Anya Ellis, Ash Gangalam, Ben Pugh-Cook, Ben Radstone, Caolan McGinley, Carmine Tiberini, Chelsea Bondzanga, Danielle Esposito, Darren martini, Eleanor Banks, Emily Bradley, Flynn Klein, Grace Darvill, Grace Gallagher, Isabella Breslin, Isobel Flower, Jane Morgan, Jo Gushurst-Moore, Katherine McNally, Katy Jaques, Khye Bailey, Maria-Katharina Hardt, Marley Straw, Martia Dimmer, Mary McHarg, Melissa Sapp, Molly Morel, Müge Karan, Nandini Pradeep, Pavan Gill, Remi Shorunke-Samuel, Red Frederick, Rex Peter Harrison, Sam Law, Schirin Wolski, Taneetrah Porter, Tara Choudary, Yuqi Liang

Universities: ArtsEd, Central Saint Martins, East 15, Goldsmiths, Imperial College London, Kings College London, LAMDA, London College of Music, London Film Academy, London South Bank University, National Youth Theatre, Oxford School of Drama, Queen Marys, Rose Bruford, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Royal Holloway, St Marys Twickenham, University Arts London, University College London, University of Hertfordshire, University of Sussex, University of Surrey, University of West London

ACT II Festival 2021

ACT II 2021 was a fully online program with all workshops and performances taking place remotely. ACT II 2021 was the first year Artistic Director, Amy Tickner, invited a group of student volunteers to help run the program.

Festival Leaders: Grace Dougan, Joey Jepps, Kate Pearson, Agathe Redier, and Grainne Robson 

With Thanks To: Sasha Hails, Patrick Hughes, Urielle Klein-Mecongo, Elf Lyons, Simon Stephens, Milly Thomas, Boundless Theatre, Burnt Lemon, Wardrobe Ensemble, and Wipe Your Feet Theatre.

Screenshot 2022-06-19 204251.jpg

Writers: Regina Agard-Bratwaite, Dana Al-Juburi, Maya Barter, Elan Butler, Alexandra Craveiro, Maja Jadachowka, Fabiola Mann, Avery Rabbitt, Chiara Scoglio, Julia Smith, Heather Woodhouse 

Directors: Praise Akeowo, Katie Anne-Miles, Jack Michel Carr, Poppy Conway, Sara Duckworth, Amy Fincham, Sofia Genuise, Amber Godard, David Llewelin, Irene Pawin, Thomas John Price, Anna Rastelli, Jasmine Sachdev, Samuel Xavier 


Actors: Red Frederick, Patrycia Juchum, Jina Rahimi, Jaydon Merrick, Sam Jones, Tim Bond, Che Stone-Edwards, Remi Shorunke-Samuel, Mehad Ali, Germaine Leung, Majka Szewczu, Sofia Renzi, Chams Elhas, Christie Reynolds, Benjamin, Quigley-Buckley, Josh Dowden, Jemica Taylor, Joey Harvey, Sade Shonibare, Jasmin Johnson-Cole, Christopher Patten-Walker, Boya Shi, Mia Kitty Barbe-Willson, Laeth Quellin, Francesca Short, Talitha Stowell, irene Saviozzi, Isabel Friis, Stelios Paul, Maria Lilith, Gus Flind

Universities: Goldsmiths, Imperial College, LSE, Middlesex, Kings College London, RADA, Rose Bruford, Royal Central School, Royal College of Art, Royal Holloway, SOAS, Queen Mary, UAL, UCL, East 15

ACT II Festival 2020

ACT II 2020 began as an in person program with in person workshops taking place at UCL and showcase performances due to take place at the Arcola Theatre in April. As a result of COVID-19 ACT II 2020 quickly moved online. 

Festival Team: Amy Tickner

With Thanks To: Bea Fletcher (National Youth Theatre), Sasha Hails, Patrick Hughes, David Judge, Jade Lewis, Tom Stoppard,  Sam Toller (National Youth Theatre), and Lauren Wilson (National Youth Theatre).

Writers: Alex Blank, Bushra Dunne, Rebekka Dybvik, Ella Fidler, Veruschka Haas, Rhianna Ilube, James Ireland, Emma Kelly, Matthew Last, Jeff McGilton, Nadia Mikail, Peter Smart, Konrad Suder Chatterjee

Directors: Cerys Baker, Lewis Bentley, George Collins, Aaron Chote, Abigail Fisher, Abigail Hirsch, Pearl Hoo Jia Qi, Eva Hudson, Ellen Lachs, Oliver Macnaughton, Mattie Mamode, Catherine Mclean, Gayle Osbourne, Thandiwe Van Wesenbeeck

Actors: Ahmed Aamir, Sofia Ahmed, Dana Aljuburi, Erik Alstad, Jade Armstrong, Andrew Atha, Zakaria Bekkali, Emily Brandon, Rob Davidson, Matthew Durrel, Truman Ennals, Charlotte Eyres, Regina Famafigam, Chay Giles, Raphaela Grimstead, Siah Harrell, Jess Hill, Jennie Howitt, Tom Hunter, Chifa Kehlfaoui, Magnus Korsaeth, Isobel Lewis-Javis​, Nial Loftus, Angelika May, Roni Mevorach, Kiri Nelson-Grant, Peter No, Grainne Pearson-Cockrill, Gabriella Persia, Selina Qing, Steph Ritzema, Konstantin Shmarko, Simran Singh, Zacharias Szreter, Maria Sole di Capua, Marike Van Der Mader, Louis Vichard, Monique Walker

Levana Wang, Cameron Wight, Mia Kitty Willson, Mathias Zelelalem

Universities: Goldsmiths, Imperial College, LSE, Middlesex, Kings College London, RADA, Rose Bruford, Royal Central School, Royal College of Art, Royal Holloway, SOAS, Queen Mary, UAL, UCL

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